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  • Please sign-up for a 15-minute slot.
  • Select what shows you are auditioning for.
  • If you are auditioning for Urinetown, please sign up for one 15-minute slot, but be prepared to stay for a full hour. Dance calls will be taught once every half hour, with the audition portion immediately following.

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Saturday, October 20
11:00AM – 2:00PM
Nordlof Center Black Box

Monday, October 22
6:30PM – 9:30PM
Nordlof Center Black Box

Tuesday, October 23
5:30PM – 8:30PM
Nordlof Center Black Box

Tuesday, October 23
8:30PM – 9:30PM
Nordlof Center Black Box

The Revolutionists
Wednesday, October 24
6:00PM – 8:00PM
Nordlof Center Black Box

Elephant’s Graveyard
Wednesday, October 24
8:00PM – 10:00PM
Nordlof Center Black Box


What to prepare for:

  • If you are auditioning for Elephant’s Graveyard, The Revolutionists, and/or Smudge, please prepare a 1-2 minute monologue.
  • If you are auditioning for Urinetown, please prepare a 32-bar cut of a song in the style of the show. Please provide your own accompaniment tracks, as no accompanist will be provided.  Be prepared to stay for an hour for the dance call and wear clothing you are able to move in.


Elephant’s Graveyard

The Circus

RING MASTER – obsessed with the bottom line.
TRAINER – loves his work
BALLET GIRL – a showgirl in control
TOUR MANAGER – bit of a bully
STRONGMAN – a proud muscleman from Europe’s for-off shores
CLOWN – a comedian with an inferiority complex
DRUMMER – keeps the beat

The Town

HUNGRY TOWSNPERSON – African-American, a steel-trap memory
MARSHAL – keeps the peace
MUDDY TOWNSPERSON – a haunted widow
PREACHER – doggedly hopeful
STEAM SHOVEL OPERATOR – looking for escape
YOUNG TOWNSPERSON – excitable dreamer
GUITARIST – sets the rhythm

The Revoluntionists

OLYMPE De Gouges – badass activist playwright and feminist. Theatre nerd, excitable,
passionate, a showman. Widowed and never married again to ensure her personal freedom. 38

CHARLOTTE Corday – badass country girl and assassin. Very serious, hardened by
righteousness, Never been kissed. 25

MARIE Antoinette – less badass but fascinating former queen of France. Sugary, graceful,
totally unaware, unintentionally rude, and oddly prescient. Never had a real friend, 38.

MARIANNE Angelle – A badass black woman in Paris. She is from San Domingue in the
Caribbean, a free woman, tough, classy, vigilant, the sanest one of them all. 30s

If they want more information on the show, this is a great link for it. 



Bobby Strong
Age: 23-30
Vocal Range: Tenor (Bb2-C5) with consistent G4/A4

The “Hero” of the show and the assistance-custodian at the poorest urinal in town – Amenity #9. Bobby is the leader of the poor through the rebellion and is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. Falls in love with Hope.

Hope Cladwell
Age: 18-25
Vocal Range: Soprano (A3-Ab5)

Cladwell’s good-hearted daughter. Fresh out of the Most Expensive University in the World and about to work at her father’s company. A naïve girl who believes there is good in everyone. Ditzy and has only gotten through life on her father’s money – but she doesn’t know it. Falls in love with Bobby.

Caldwell B Cladwell
Age: 40-60
Vocal Range: Baritone (A2-Gb4)

CEO of Urine Good Company (UGC). Greedy and vicious villain of the show who gleefully exploits the poor.

Penelope Pennywise
Age: 40-60
Vocal Range: Mezzo- Soprano (A3-C6), belt to E5, preferred G5

Can be younger in real age but will be made up to look older. The proprietor of Public Amenity #9, the poorest urinal in town. A black sheep, she betters her public standing by leaching to Cladwell. She is always searching to make a quick buck and is ruthless in her attack.

Little Sally
Age: 16-25
Vocal Range: Mezzo-Soprano (A3-D5)

A poor street urchin who is also co-narrator of the show. Needs to be smallish in stature because she is the “child” of the cast.

Officer Lockstock
Age: 35-55
Vocal Range: Baritone (A2-G4)

Narrator of the show and leader of the police. A figure of authority.

Officer Barrel
Age: 35-55
Vocal Range: Baritone (Bb2-E4)

Officer Lockstock’s right hand ‘man’. He is his partner in all things criminal. He has a secret.

Senator Fipp
Age: 40-60
Vocal Range: Tenor (D3-E4)

A corrupt senator who hides all his crimes through politics. A creepy character who seems to lurk in all the wrong places.

Mr. McQueen
Age: 30-60
Vocal Range: Baritone (Bb2-Eb4)

Cladwell’s head lackey – a flamboyant character. He is always following in Cladwell’s footsteps. Too weak to step out of the shadow. He has a secret.

Old Man Strong (double as Hot Blade Harry/cop)
Age: 40-60
Vocal Range: Baritone (Ab2-Ab4)

Bobby’s rebellious father. Bobby gets all his strength from his father and they have a close relationship.

Hot Blades Harry (double as Old Man Strong/cop)
Age: Open
Vocal Range: Baritone (Ab2-Ab4)

A dangerous and unpredictable man – a sadist. He is poor and frequents Public Amenity #9.

Josephine Strong (doubles as cop)
Age: 40-60
Vocal Range: Mezzo-Soprano (Bb3-Db5)

Bobby’s strong-willed mother. She’s a poor woman who frequents Public Amenity #9.

Dr. Billeaux (double as Tiny Tom/cop)
Age: 25-50
Vocal Range: Bass or baritone

A scientist for Urine Good Company. Stereotypical “crazy” scientist.

Tiny Tom (double as Dr. Billeaux/cop)
Age: 20-25
Vocal Range: Bass or baritone

A confused man-boy. He is poor and frequents Public Amenity #9.

Mrs. Millennium (double as Little Becky Two-Shoes/cop)
Age: 25-50
Vocal Range: Soprano (C#4-D5)

One of Cladwell’s lesser lackeys. Office worker who aspires to be Cladwell’s Head Secretary.

Little Becky Two-Shoes (double as Mrs. Millennium/cop)
Age: 18-25
Vocal Range: Mezzo-Soprano (Bb3-F5)

A young, pregnant, crippled woman. She is poor and frequents Public Amenity #9.

Caldwell’s Secretary (doubles as Soupy Sue/cop)
Age 25-50
Vocal Range: Mezzo-Soprano

Caldwell B Cladwell’s Head Secretary. Prim and proper in nature and look. Straight-laced.

Soupy Sue (doubles as Caldwell’s Secretary/cop)
Age: Open
Vocal Range: Mezzo-Soprano (Bb3-B4)

An affectionate, poor woman in the gang who frequents Public Amenity #9.

Robby the Stockfish (doubles as UGC Exec/cop)
Age: Open
Vocal Range: Tenor or Baritone

A poor rebel who frequents Public Amenity #9.

Billy Boy Bill (doubles as UGC Exec/cop)
Age: Open
Vocal Range: Mezzo-Soprano or Soprano


Age 22-32. Female.

Married to Nick. She is the mother of the “smudge”. She carries
many scenes only talking to her child and must show a wide range of emotions from near tears to full
mental breakdown.

Age 22-32. Male

Married to Colby. He is driven by facts and graphs and loves his
child by the fact that the “smudge” is his child. He will choose work over family and this effects his
sleeping and mental habits.

Must read age 36 on stage. Male.

Nick’s older brother and boss. Very crude and
direct. He is described as a “grown up frat boy”.